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Arcade Joystick

Unite Web2 Fun and Web3 Power: ARCADE2BIT - Revolutionizing Gaming in South and Southeast Asia

Welcome to ARCADE2BIT

The premier web2.5 gaming platform that bridges the gap between Web2 fun and Web3 innovation in South and Southeast Asia! We're dedicated to providing you with the best gaming experience, combining market-proven games with the power of blockchain technology.

Who we are

A Curated Selection of Web2 Games.

Our expert team partners with top Korean game developers to handpick a wide range of entertaining and profitable games that cater to the unique preferences of the local audience.

A Unique NFT Ecosystem.

We integrate a one-of-a-kind NFT model that returns most of the profit generated from games to our ecosystem, benefiting both players and investors through ANO, ANP, and ANN NFTs. For a detailed insight into our unique NFT ecosystem, take a look at our informative whitepaper.

A Localized Gaming Experience.

We understand the diverse culture and language requirements in South and Southeast Asia, so we localize our games through translation and open beta testing, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

Strong Partnerships.

We work closely with game development companies, game NFT marketplaces, financial services companies, and offline game distribution companies, leveraging their expertise and networks to drive success and expand our reach.

A Secure and Trustworthy Platform.

Our responsible management team is committed to creating real business value by combining traditional business practices with blockchain technology, ensuring a safe and transparent environment for all stakeholders.



A closer look at 5 emerging NFT startups in Southeast Asia

Web3-based game platform ARCADE2BIT is a Singaporean company whose founders seek to bring equality to the gaming industry in Southeast Asia. They want to enable gamers to be consumers and equal stakeholders in the gaming ecosystem alongside game developers and publishers. 


ARCADE2BIT, web3-based game platform and Kaching, the rising game NFT marketplace in Indonesia sign MOU
ARCADE2BIT, a Web3-based game platform based in Singapore that s publishing games in Southeast Asian countries, announced that they had signed an MOU with Indonesia’s game NFT marketplace, Kaching, on September 23rd. 

Our Dedicated Teams Powering Web2.5 Gaming in India, Indonesia, and Singapore.

Our local teams in India, Indonesia, and Singapore fuel ARCADE2BIT's success in South and Southeast Asia by understanding regional gaming preferences and trends, enabling us to deliver tailored gaming experiences that resonate with players and drive user engagement.

Get in Touch

3 Harbourfront Pl, Tower 2, Level 11, Singapore 099254

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