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AIGears: Where Robots, Strategy, and Victory Collide

Unleash Your Creativity with Over 1 Million Robot Combinations:

Challenge yourself to create the ultimate robot team from endless possibilities.

Sophisticated AI Developed Through Machine Learning:

Experience a variety of unique AI personalities, each designed to challenge and engage.

Manage Your Own Robot Team:

Choose your battlefield with multiple game modes including League Mode, PvP, and PvE.

AIGears: The Ultimate Arena for Robot Warfare and Strategy

Unlock Your Creativity:

Engineer your ultimate fighting machine from over 1 million robot combinations.

Advanced AI:

Face off against unique, unpredictable AI opponents, thanks to our machine learning algorithms.

Evolving Game:

Expect regular updates with new components, AI, and modes to keep the game fresh.


AIGears: Coming Soon to India & the Philippines

Stay Tuned! AIGears is Launching Soon! We're kicking off the release by targeting the gaming markets in India and the Philippines, with plans to expand into other Asian countries shortly. Don't miss out on the ultimate robot warfare experience!

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